Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Members and power

I've seen a graph on the United States National Agricultural Statistics Service:
Well, it's obvious that agriculture in the USA is failcascading and soon there will be starvation.

I mean, it's "obvious" if we consider the common in-game thinking that losing members is terrible, while losing land, ships and battles is "content". You probably know the truth that the agriculture in the USA is fine, the worker decrease comes from efficiency increase: more land can be handled by a single farmer. Year by year farmers who can't compete with others leave the sector and join services sector. The 2013 pilot killboard analysis shows something similar: very few pilots, mere 7K out of the 520K total are responsible for half of the kills. The rest are like the uncompetitive farmers. They linger on for some time before they join the carebear sector.

A group shall be evaluated based on their results (kills, land owned ...) and not on their numbers. Hiring warm bodies isn't that hard, BRAVE excels in that, however it didn't help them much in Catch. Nor it helps them in Fountain. In both cases numberically seriously inferior groups (PL and BL) stomp on them. Or think how CFC alliances recruited most of the renters. Do you think they will learn to PvP overnight just because their alliance tag changed? Then how would this number increase translate into performance increase? (by increased ratting performance)

Why did I write this? Because of daydreaming Goons keep telling "MoA is much smaller than us, they can't win". Well, if you follow the monthly CFC loss reports, you know better.

Monday, May 25, 2015

For the Empress! (part 2)

As I mentioned in part 1, you can do lot of things to ruin "Burn Amarr" for the evil Goons. Now I outline the most effective strategy against them.

In last year Burn Jita they failed surprising amount of times to kill the target freighter on the first run. It's partially because it's impossible to know the EHP of the freighters as they are heavily reliant on skillpoints, partially because of lag and messups. But the real reason is that freighters and especially JFs have lot of EHP and in a 0.9 system you have little damage due to the short time before Concord arrives. It's hard to get large enough fleets, so the FC can wait more, making everyone bored or undock whatever he has and hope for the best. The latter often leads to freighters surviving in low hull. These cases the bumpers keep it tackled and after GCC is up, they finish it.

However it takes about 20 minutes (not counting TiDi) for a gank fleet consisting a ragtag crew to strike again. 15 mins GCC and 5 more before everyone is back at the keyboard and got a new ship. During that time you can repair the freighter, undoing the damage done last run. If reppers are doing well, Goons must kill the ship in one run or they did nothing. This slows down ganks extremely, since they must be absolutely sure that they have an overkilling fleet before undocking or they just provided fun to their enemies.

The simple way of doing it is any random repping ship. Even a logi frigate helps. If you want to participate fighting the Evil during Burn Amarr, you can get into a T1 logi cruiser in a few hours and make difference. I purposefully not post fitting, anything that is bonused for repping shield or armor is a great addition.

The bit more advanced method adresses the problem that most of the EHP of the freighters and jump freighters are in the hull, so repping only shield and armor will likely not save a freighter. It's still necessary, but not enough. If you see that freighters get their shield and armor up fast, but not their hull, you should switch to a hull repping ship. The problem is that no ship is bonused for hull repping, especially not logi ships. Remote hull reppers have extreme fitting and capacitor demands, so a you need to fit a large ship with cap rechargers to run them and keep very close to the freighter due to the low optimal. Not exactly the thing you'd want to fly during a gank campaign. Also, have you trained remote hull repping 5? I didn't think so. So you need a ship that is fast to avoid being warped on and ganked, have enough tank to survive long range trashers, while repping hull from distance, while cap stable. Oh, and if it's not too much to ask, some comedy value to mock Goons would be great too:

[Ishtar, AFK Gooner]
Damage Control II
1600mm Reinforced Steel Plates II
Prototype Armor Explosive Hardener I
Prototype Armor EM Hardener I
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II

10MN Afterburner II
Omnidirectional Tracking Link II, Optimal Range Script
Omnidirectional Tracking Link II, Optimal Range Script
Drone Navigation Computer II
Drone Navigation Computer II

Drone Link Augmentor I
[empty high slot]
[empty high slot]
[empty high slot]

Medium Drone Repair Augmentor I
Medium Drone Repair Augmentor I

Heavy Hull Maintenance Bot II x5

You have time to learn repair drone operation 5, that's not a long skill and an overall useful one. Don't forget to name your ship "AFK ratter" and do what a true Goon would: set a large orbit around the freighter, send drones, go AFK for 20 mins. If you are the only player in EVE who can't fly an Isthar in 2015, use a Domi.

If you have multiple pilots, trained in logistics skills, you can go wild. Use a hull repping battleship, captrading with a logistics ship. With a 100mn MWD the battleship will be fast enough to arrive fast to the freighter and stay close when bumped. The logi needs to keep orbit the battleship due to short cap transfer range. It's probably better to use a T1 logi to avoid losing a T2 to gankers. Depending on skills, you can run 2-3 large remote hull reppers while cap stable, being much more powerful than an AFK Istar. Of course you should have hull maintenace drones on both ships and also armor/shield repper on the leftover fitting of the logi.

Below you can see what I will bring:
A 5x T2 large repper (+4x T2 large drone) Typhoon, a Basilisk, a Guardian and an offgrid booster Astarte (acting as freighter on the picture). The logies captrade with each other and provide armor and shield reps to the freighter and enough cap to run the battleship.

Come! Let's give the minions of Evil a "Burn Amarr" worth remembering!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Weekend minipost: is that a PvP ship?

MJD, dual xslab, point, web and nosferatus are definitely the tools of PvP. I wonder why rats were the #1 damage dealers. Was he baiting? Well, if he did, he was successful and the poor hellcamped, irrelevant NPC trash failed for the trap. Sort of.

Was he ewaring rats?

OK. I was unfair. These fails weren't pure blood Goons. True Goons know how to fit a ship.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Weekend minipost: Only MoA

I check the killboards and war reports in-between the monthly complete evaluations to avoid wasting donations. I couldn't miss the activity decrease in the Marmite-CFC wars. While the wars are still up, kills don't happen. According to the (inaccurate, but acceptable) war reports, on the week that started on May 3 Sunday and ended on May 9 Saturday they killed 30B CFC. On the next week 14B. On the one that ended today: 11B. This is too low to remain a donation recipient. Also looking at their killboard I had trouble finding CFC who weren't in shuttles. So today and on May 30 I send all my 12B donations to MoA, then analyze the May killboard and find a new donation recipient.

Please note that I do not say that "Marmite sucks", they weren't hired, they promised nothing. It's OK for them to not hunt CFC, just like it's OK for me to not give them donations.

Friday, May 22, 2015

For the Empress! (part 1)

The Evil One announced that this year there will be Burn Amarr instead of Burn Jita, because of roleplaying reasons. I doubt if he consulted with the Ministry of Love (CFC gankers in highsec) before this decision, because Amarr is 1.0 security, so Concord reacts the fastest here, faster than in the 0.9 Jita. This will force gankers to redesign their doctrines as usual gank ships (Talos, Brutix, Catalyst) simply don't live long enough. I'd guess they move to arty Trashers and Tornadoes. I'd like to point out that Minmatar T1 cruisers (Stabber, Bellicose, Rupture) only have 4 turret hardpoints, making them bad gank ships, forcing gankers to blot out the sky with Trashers or grab deep into their pockets for Tornadoes.

May is almost over and there was nothing burned yet, despite earlier Burn Jitas all took part mid-spring. The last year wasn't a victory march for the Empire of Evil: they lost several regions and the "NPC Trash" is slaughtering them left and right. That 2.4T in ships and the highsec POCOs that my GRR project took from them is irrelevant, they didn't want it anyway. So a weakened CFC is trying a harder task than before: burning Amarr. This isn't simply a doctrinal change. Large amount of ships and fittings needs to be built or transported to Amarr, which is a trade hub, but not as large as Jita and not properly stocked with ganker stuff. Not to mention that former stockpiles (like thousands of Catalyst hulls) now have to be liquidated or transported.

These are all positive signs, but doesn't give us victory without lifting a finger. At first, the stocking and doctrinal changes affect anti-burn pilots too. For example ECM ships worth nothing against alpha gankers, as they fire their one salvo in the moment they go GCC. Jamming them later changes nothing. There are three ways to fight Amarr gankers, two announced today, the third and most important on Monday.

The first is wardecs, available only to highsec PvP groups as no one else can capitalize on it. While decs weren't effective previous years, they are now, due to removal of death-clone-jumping. Today a Goonie can't just set his medical clone to Jita/Amarr and self-destruct, he must use a jump clone if any is pre-installed in highsec or take a looooong walk from Deklein to Amarr that includes the always camped Niarja gate. Also, they have to set their medical clone upon arrival, missing this and getting podded will get them back to deep nullsec. While there will surely be convoys, stragglers, disconnectors and TiDi victims can be pointed and killed on the way, teleporting them back. So it will be a turkey shoot for highsec deccers. Since arty trashers are pretty able to defend themselves, probing them out on insta-warp or camping their station is probably not as good idea as it is against blaster Catalysts. In all years RvB joined any anti-Goon war to protect them, but in last year this was an empty action: RvB ships didn't show up during Burn Jita, probably the line members were fed up serving Goons. Also RvB usually don't operate in Amarr space, so deccers will likely not face RvB action.

The second form of resistance is troll freighters. They performed well last year and freighters received fitting options since then. By fitting tank to your max-insured freighter and placing unscannable double-wrapped cargo box in it, you can waste lot of man-hours of the gankers with trivial losses to yourself. Simply place some worthless item in a container and then courier contract this to your freighter pilot and fly into Amarr. Then fly out. And in again until they bite. Or maybe orbit the most ganked gate (probably Ashab) and troll them on local, preferably with the title of this article.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Where did all the PBLRDs go?

Due to Fozziesov, the renter alliance of the Evil is closing doors, abandoning systems and ejecting corporations. This is common knowledge, nothing to see here.

What is interesting is where the member-corps of Greater Western Co-Prosperity Sphere went. If you look at the "former corporation" part of the Dotlan corporation page of PBLRD, you see usual joining and leaving until mid-April, when joining stopped (only sov transfer corps joined) and mass exodus started. The corp page also lists the member count and the current location of leaving corps. Corps that already joined a new alliance have 2343 members. 686 people stayed in alliance-less corps. Since PBLRD used to have 4K members before the exodus, it means that 1000 members left their corps and shopped for a new home individually. Let's focus on the 2343 pilots who stayed with their corps while it found a new alliance and see which alliances gained them:
  1. Fidelas Constans: 1431
  2. SpaceMonkey's Alliance: 295
  3. Intrepid Crossing: 156
  4. Get Off My Lawn: 155
  5. EON Alliance: 90
  6. The Bastion: 61
  7. Brothers in Arms Alliance: 46
  8. Brothers Of The Dark Sun: 46
  9. Inver Brass: 35
  10. Sons of Seraphinus: 34
  11. Brothers of Tangra: 30
  12. Sock Puppet Federation: 26
  13. Black Wing Syndicate: 20
  14. Goonswarm Federation: 9
Yep, 80% of these players joined "proper" CFC alliances, with the two well-known PvE groups FCON and SMA on top. So renting didn't end in "the Imperium". PBLRD was simply merged into FCON and SMA.

Is it a common thing in EVE?
Not really. NA is also closing and many corps found new home, but none (besides few-men sov-transport corps) joined NC., SN2, Darkness, Kadeshi or Gentlemen's Club. They rather formed Kids With Guns Alliance and RUCA Emperor or joined groups I've never heard of. From BoT not a single one got into PL. They rather joined Shadow of xxDeathxx and 1,2,3 corps (272 pilots) joined [intense drumming] SMA.

PS: The CFC hellcamp of MoA continues, who absolutely cannot do anything about it.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Taking out the Trash, attempt #3

More than a year ago, the Evil One commanded his minions for "cleaning up our home territory in the Northwest, which has been run roughshod over by a team of also-rans and nobodies such as Triumvirate and Mordus Angels". Since the CFC is an unstoppable war machine winning every time according to their propaganda site, Mordus Angels were exterminated last March.

Considering that "Taking out the Trash" campaign ended with complete success, it's strange that 8 months ago they had to be hell-camped again. Goons were even live-streaming sitting on a station doing nothing. According to military experts doing nothing on a station destroys enemy alliances.

Let's see how much CFC were slain by Mordus Angels, especially looking for these two destructive hellcamps:
I don't blame you if you couldn't find the hellcamps on the chart without help. So much for the value of sitting on an unconquerable station. Also, the chart is totally showing a near failcascade of MoA.

Why am I writing this? Because once again, the CFC (calling itself Imperium now) is hellcamping 5ZXX-K:

PS: I've seen (and ganked) dozens of badly fit mining ships before, but this one totally not killed by the twice-destroyed MoA managed to surprise me. No, you don't need to check its alliance tag, you already know it.