Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Who is the carebear?

Sugar wrote a long post about her tribulations with "carebearing". She is constantly called out for not PvP-ing all the time, but also manufacturing and transporting things. Now she told the punks to go to Hell. Which is right of course, but not worth a post from someone else.

The interesting thing is why some "PvP-ers" are so upset about "carebearing" that in their eyes even the lowsec CSM who has final blow on a titan is a "carebear". I mean what's the point of hating "carebears" instead of just pwning them? I haven't seen CODE members whining about miners, it usually happens the other way.

To see the reason, we just have to remember that most homophobes are secretly gay and often get involved in gay sex scandals. Their hate is to cover the truth from the others and sometimes to their own conscious mind: "I can't be gay as I hate them". Men safe in their straightness just ignore gays.

The truth is the same behind carebear-hate: the hater is a risk-averse, loss-avoiding punk who wants to look like fearsome pirate or "devil may care" badass. In reality he flies ships into combat which are replaced by his alliance or too cheap to matter. So he rules out losses from his gameplay, just like the "carebears" he talk about.

In the meantime, the real "carebears" move multiple billions between stations or have them in construction POS-es out in space. While we obviously try to minimize losses, we still risk serious assets every day. And sometimes we lose them due to our own mistake or someone outsmarting us. But you don't have to look for jump freighters, even the model carebear, the AFK miner risks more than a frigate PvP-er or an SRP-F1 drone. I mean even a cheap fit Retriever is a magnitude more expensive than a frig and no one will replace it for you.

"The carebears" fit more to the "dark universe" ethos than the "idc letz get drunk and roam" punks who use this slur.

PS: Goon style supercapital gank.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Russia and the "oil weapon"

The news is all over with the financial crisis of Russia and the naive explanation: "The USA used the oil weapon against Russia." This is bullshit. Oil isn't a weapon, it's a free market product.

Wars are negative-sum actions as weapons cost money. The war in Iraq cost $2T (two-million times million dollars). That's $7000 for every US citizen, including children. On the other hand the "economic war" against Russia costs nothing to the USA. It earns them money.

The embargo against Russia is symbolic and has negligible effect (even according to US sources, that's why they demand more from Europe). The reason of the collapse of Ruble is the oil price crash. In a year, crude oil price halved. The USA government didn't (and couldn't) do that. They had an effect of its sharpness, by buying oil into strategic reserves (at high) and suddenly releasing it (at low), but had they done nothing, the price would drop the same - just over a longer time. This is a very basic supply and demand problem: oil demand is decreasing because China and Europe are both slowing down and changing to greener energy systems. Supply is increasing because fracking technology turned the USA from an oil importer to an exporter and everyone else (including Russia) uses this technology to mine more oil. Finally, the power of OPEC diminished, since they no longer control majority of the supply, so their artificial supply-decreasing moves no longer serve them.

Why does this nonsense about the "Oil Weapon" spreads? Because it serves everyone:
  • Washington can claim "we are hitting the Russian aggressors hard", which sounds much better than "we can't do shit against the Russian actions in the Crimea and Doneck".
  • Moscow can claim "we are paying for defending our sovereignty" which sounds much better than "we didn't fix our economy while we could and lived on oil money while it lasted".
  • The OPEC members can claim "we are cooperating with the Americans in a grand scheme, prices will return after", which is much-much better than "countdown to failed state"
So the situation is both good and dire to the Russians. The good thing is that they are still winning the war in Ukraine and the "world leading" USA can't even touch them. The bad thing is that they will have to say goodbye to their oil income forever and have to build a new economy based on products and services created by Russian people instead of just sprinkling up from the ground.

PS: 7/7 normal, 6/7 HC, only with random groups:

PS2: I often link "capital battles" between CFC and Mordus or Marmite, where the CFC capitals are jump freighters. But this one is a real capital battle with dreads, carriers, titans, faction battleships and clear Mordus victory (I don't know if the NPC loki killed by Goons is a MoA alt or just was very unlucky).

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Weekend minipost: I hate deep healing

Whoever designed the healer shaman mastery in WoW is a damn idiot:
This isn't bad on paper, it gives a unique role to shaman healers: saviors of almost dead ones. The less HP you have, the more you get from a shaman.

The devs clearly stated that they do not wish players to be constantly topped up and want healers to be challenged to keep them alive. This means that the targets are usually around mid-HP and the shaman healing power is balanced around this point. Let's say that a shaman in equal gear and skill heals the same as a druid if the target is at 50%. This means that shaman heals about 25% more than the druid if the target is 10% and 25% less if the target is at 90% (using the numbers in the tooltip). So far, so good.

But when there are new players or veteran morons and slackers, the raid doesn't get to the point where HPs are low. At Imperator or Ko'ragh everyone is nicely topped up, until half raid insta-dies next the first fortified tank or because melee DPS took soaking or arcane tank jump into the middle of the raid. This means that in such early-wipe fights the shaman heals 25% less than druids. Now comes genius and writes "lol ur low 4 ur gear n00b". Unless the raid members are aware of this non-trivial problem, they will believe him and the poor shaman is kicked (or they quit raid, because the leader doesn't kick low). Then they look surprised when they chain-wipe at second intermission.

Congratulation to Blizzard for creating a mechanic that cannot be compared to other classes in a straightforward way, in an environment where you need to explain every single time why you don't kick all the mages and locks from Ko'ragh. The only way to stay in raids was to purposefully heal badly, spamming ineffective heals, wasting CDs early to stay high on the meters. This is sabotaging the kill, as I have neither mana, nor CDs for late fight. But it's only a problem when there is a late fight. So I keep being useless but high on meters until I believe that next try will succeed.

Then I take a risk and start healing well. If I'm unlucky and someone else wipes the raid, I'm likely kicked for "being low". If not:

Talking about morons and slackers oblivious to game mechanics:
Yep, the little levelling alt of my girlfriend sneaked into a world boss raid, got to #23 out of 30 lvl 100 damage dealers, with higher performance than most lvl 100 players do in LFR. Hell, I kicked half dozen worse earlier today leading a normal raid. Due to diligently kicking useless ones, we oneshotted first 5, two-shotted Ko'ragh. Then the raid dissolved on Imperator because "leader iz low on hilz".

I hate the idiot who designed deep healing.

PS: This battle between SMA and MoA cheered me up.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Weekend minipost: Blizzard learned nothing from the Diablo3 RMAH

In their infinite lust for pay-to-win money, Blizzard announced PLEX, game time item that can be traded for in-game gold.

Idiots. They learned nothing from the Diablo 3 RMAH disaster. For those not following, the real money AH in Diablo 3 allowed players to trade items and gold. As a result, everyone and his mother were dressed up from the AH, making actually playing the game redundant and pointless. If you completed the storyline once, there were absolutely no reason to return. Also, the farming of in-game items and gold became horribly "undervalued", I mean, players found that farming earns them less than flipping burgers in Africa would earn them. While this result is trivial for me (why would anyone pay you to play a game), they were seriously frustrated.

Finally, to save the game and keep the expansion pack buyers players, they removed RMAH. And now, they want to introduce it to WoW. Morons.

The only game where PLEX works is EVE Online. Not because there is item destruction here. In WoW, every new tier obsoletes the old one, practically destroying it. It's because in EVE there is an ISK-hungry hardcore population: the PvP-ers. The more they play, the more ships they burn and the more ISK they need. The more invested and hardcore they are, the bigger ships and assets they fly and lose. The problem in Diablo III and WoW is that every hardcore is a gold/item producer. It's like a no-PvP EVE server. The more you play, the more gold and item you get and want to sell.

Who do you sell them? To the casuals? Why would they bother to pay $1000 for a BiS item when all they do is lolling around with their friends? It's not World of Tanks where gold ammo allows them to pwn superior players. They don't (and cannot) compete seriously in mythic raiding, so upgrading their gear has no point. Please understand that in WoW everyone will get good gear eventually, only your speed differs. So unless you are in competitive raiding, you have no reason to care for your ilvl, it will increase without effort. Remember: currently literally everyone has better gear than the very best raiders had 2 months ago.

So the result will be the same as in Diablo 3:
  • 3/3 upgraded crafted items selling for $1-2
  • Gold will be laughably devalued (not just against real money, but also against items).
  • Casual players will realize that they progress much faster if they don't play.
  • "ima l33t" kids will be very frustrated to learn that their epic sillz worth less than cleaning windshields for tips R the gas station

PS: those who protected Blizzard when I said they went pay-to-win now feel stupid.

PS2: real world economy post comes on Monday, don't miss it!

Friday, December 19, 2014

CFC November losses without SOLAR

I've remade the November CFC losses with removing SOLAR from CFC. They were reseted and left CFC space. The Goon propaganda machine is in overdrive, but the numbers aren't supporting them. Like last month, I received the killboard loss data for all CFC and it isn't pretty. As always, the kills are de-whored, so if you did 1% of a 100B (blue) titan, you get 1B kills and not 100B.

54416 API verified losses are distributed among the minions of Evil:
1 - Blohm and Voss Shipyards Alliance
335 - Circle-Of-Two
56 - Executive Outcomes
297 - Fatal Ascension
262 - Fidelas Constans
138 - Forged of Fire
136 - Get Off My Lawn
775 - Goonswarm Federation
193 - Greater Western Co-Prosperity Sphere
41 - I Whip My Slaves Back and Forth
2 - Initiative Associates
7 - Initiative Mercenaries
97 - RAZOR Alliance
120 - RvB - BLUE Republic
139 - RvB - RED Federation
248 - SpaceMonkey's Alliance
155 - Tactical Narcotics Team
129 - The Initiative.
247 - The Bastion
CFC lost 3.38T ISK in November. Let's see who killed them:

On top of the kills stand the "worthless NPC trash": Mordus Angels (112B), Black Legion (246B), Triumvirate (316B) and Sorry We're In Your Space Eh (115B). As you probably know, I donate 6B/week (25-26B/month) to MoA because they are in a small NPC pocket deep in CFC space. You can (and should) support them too. For now, feast on their 500M+ contribution kills:782M, 591M, 622M, 788M, 2119M, 739M, 1114M, 507M, 817M, 1704M, 509M, 581M, 2344M, 1339M, 1330M, 615M, 594M, 997M, 1126M, 2901M, 615M, 688M, 1025M, 8287M, 512M, 772M, 942M, 750M, 631M, 959M, 881M, 1157M, 1445M, 1480M, 1649M, 3311M, 2460M, 520M, 700M, 516M, 776M, 1194M, 745M, 628M, 540M, 1771M, 543M, 1189M, 1421M, 1597M, 593M, 680M, 534M, 1286M, 706M, 883M, 767M, 616M, 979M, 991M, 598M, 1311M, 983M, 619M, 2633M, 2611M, 755M, 855M, 2890M, 688M, 648M, 1131M, 4344M, 506M, 677M, 3961M, 558M, 691M, 1055M, 615M, 1858M, 1451M, 825M, 925M, 747M, 551M, 1490M, 665M, 574M, 930M, 2026M, 832M, 3792M, 1528M, 2246M, 1200M, 517M, 1801M, 1657M, 865M, 1005M, 2067M, 1943M, 658M, 3336M, 598M, 620M, 1045M, 3118M, 1077M, 588M, 1263M, 502M, 716M, 1187M, 1911M, 1006M, 694M, 829M, 1381M, 991M, 1406M, 821M, 1716M, 536M, 623M, 848M, 1347M, 1385M, 935M, 700M, 609M, 2591M, 2948M, 2447M, 908M, 683M, 1528M, 1693M, 3159M, 641M, 763M, 3117M, 1203M, 597M, 544M, 1631M, 2302M, 511M, 578M, 691M, 1716M, 1676M, 574M, 901M, 654M, 777M, 630M, 976M, 711M, 927M, 848M, 4171M, 543M, 893M, 1570M, 597M, 658M, 632M, 522M, 776M, 847M, 2379M, 1079M, 565M, 761M, 579M, 2077M, 1742M, 2169M, 1424M, 3562M, 2272M, 2467M, 818M, 734M, 504M, 3493M, 3116M, 620M, 1273M, 500M, 3295M, 679M, 771M, 689M, 698M, 2176M, 825M, 705M, 523M, 502M, 781M, 972M, 514M.

N3 finally pulled their fist out of their butt and started to use it on the face of The Mittani, with 514B effect: 1700M, 662M, 567M, 535M, 1001M, 608M, 553M, 552M, 551M, 634M, 554M, 556M, 593M, 2934M, 2231M, 699M, 660M, 527M, 503M, 531M, 511M, 508M, 503M, 506M, 506M, 505M, 507M, 508M, 503M, 503M, 502M, 503M, 501M, 506M, 508M, 503M, 510M, 508M, 511M, 511M, 507M, 960M, 506M, 500M, 2031M, 1035M, 503M, 569M, 3322M, 3210M, 789M, 862M, 1368M, 1314M, 877M, 629M, 935M, 1281M, 502M, 504M, 507M, 507M, 681M, 1618M, 508M, 687M, 504M, 510M, 564M, 519M, 999M, 1078M, 1471M, 809M, 1471M, 508M, 715M, 1886M, 502M, 938M, 512M, 687M, 617M, 801M, 737M, 650M, 511M, 629M, 915M, 537M, 788M, 540M, 699M, 3284M, 939M, 1196M, 585M, 574M, 682M, 519M, 515M, 1255M, 510M, 679M, 768M, 2156M.

RvB is still doing their thing (which shouldn't include 5B pods), but CFC itself outdid themselves on Awoxing:640M, 1476M, 762M, 531M, 1204M, 790M, 903M, 559M, 898M, 3900M, 1561M, 514M, 537M, 574M, 602M, 525M, 516M, 2999M, 511M, 734M, 567M, 834M, 3286M, 117260M.

I'm still wasting my money on the wardec fees of Marmite Collective against all CFC members in highsec, which clearly do nothingTM (115B) against nullsec alliances: 6718M, 630M, 757M, 1554M, 549M, 1578M, 567M, 2334M, 1093M, 1505M, 677M, 550M, 2376M, 508M, 572M, 616M, 500M, 522M, 577M, 547M, 899M, 1327M, 1324M, 572M, 6581M, 818M, 540M, 605M, 1309M, 765M, 539M, 811M, 843M, 731M, 1355M, 802M, 1177M, 869M, 625M, 1155M, 560M, 603M, 944M, 784M, 540M, 571M, 663M, 1192M, 540M, 2432M, 2259M, 730M, 1337M, 731M, 738M.

HERO (72B), PL block (68), xxDeath (60B) and Proviblock (32B) had little contact with the minions of Evil. This is the largest change in the revision, since xxDeath is in war with SOLAR: 693M, 1726M, 776M, 557M, 507M, 565M, 512M, 528M, 585M, 1106M, 680M, 686M, 2683M, 2912M, 1414M, 1087M, 736M, 643M, 1203M, 1901M, 669M, 613M, 633M, 1191M, 971M, 600M, 977M, 970M, 879M, 588M, 524M, 677M, 535M, 1240M, 506M, 754M, 963M, 1334M, 914M, 560M, 618M, 513M, 688M, 582M, 540M, 512M, 609M, 705M, 1091M, 591M, 782M, 542M, 533M, 770M, 555M.

Finally, let's see what everyone else did to the CFC and those who got above 20B:
70 - Irresponsible Use of Capital.
65 - Out of Sight.
45 - GaNg BaNg TeAm
40 - Confederation of xXPIZZAXx
38 - Forsaken Asylum
35 - Banderlogs Alliance
35 - Ev0ke
34 - The G0dfathers
31 - Snuffed Out
28 - Sleeper Social Club

536M, 719M, 563M, 534M, 1089M, 1056M, 623M, 589M, 1128M, 746M, 854M, 510M, 579M, 2152M, 536M, 1334M, 614M, 537M, 548M, 1665M, 1452M, 1182M, 523M, 1548M, 553M, 1493M, 1885M, 825M, 1671M, 528M, 698M, 631M, 566M, 2154M, 1258M, 743M, 599M, 2031M, 3547M, 936M, 524M, 622M, 690M, 584M, 592M, 522M, 661M, 3150M, 685M, 507M, 656M, 815M, 564M, 859M, 529M, 514M, 516M, 510M, 515M, 514M, 514M, 505M, 507M, 716M, 3171M, 511M, 501M, 501M, 505M, 502M, 503M, 1586M, 1157M, 782M, 900M, 508M, 6582M, 3263M, 743M, 671M, 904M, 6920M, 6915M, 526M, 1996M, 735M, 1178M, 1225M, 506M, 510M, 790M, 1217M, 757M, 1244M, 1038M, 835M, 632M, 629M, 656M, 3659M, 2837M, 536M, 924M, 567M, 624M, 917M, 1909M, 775M, 514M, 1445M, 986M, 767M, 1285M, 1179M, 1440M, 763M, 2133M, 1276M, 678M, 705M, 1865M, 569M, 514M, 630M, 939M, 1400M, 1739M, 1367M, 978M, 1616M, 1199M, 653M, 609M, 2013M, 587M, 1594M, 835M, 719M, 831M, 1766M, 1218M, 833M, 2199M, 883M, 541M, 862M, 7025M, 7057M, 680M, 535M, 1328M, 581M, 628M, 1092M, 953M, 2073M, 1503M, 630M, 3623M, 1456M, 565M, 6968M, 1307M, 1264M, 730M, 773M, 509M, 656M, 538M, 1556M, 680M, 1057M, 1157M, 1817M, 543M, 601M, 1724M, 1658M, 1543M, 586M, 515M, 727M, 720M, 649M, 578M, 1727M, 1698M, 657M, 545M, 2307M, 2211M, 2341M, 619M, 2896M, 2768M, 628M, 1244M, 4235M, 709M, 1010M, 2225M, 582M, 578M, 809M, 639M, 523M, 1388M, 506M, 3177M, 504M, 501M, 508M, 774M, 510M, 1004M, 1882M, 501M, 624M, 535M, 508M, 1676M, 1929M, 962M, 753M, 746M, 1198M, 2979M, 638M, 2221M, 663M, 596M, 2076M, 1827M, 564M, 838M, 23005M, 753M, 784M, 11382M, 567M, 1120M, 902M, 1124M, 733M, 1318M, 838M, 3490M, 502M, 777M, 898M, 634M, 1604M, 761M, 539M, 3408M, 2200M, 2102M, 564M, 573M, 1239M, 798M, 566M, 1361M, 1196M, 2063M, 2411M, 2051M, 879M, 1925M, 843M, 1031M, 1627M, 597M, 2175M, 3033M, 766M, 2718M, 665M, 582M, 677M, 580M, 950M, 751M, 745M, 559M, 764M, 733M, 1197M, 738M, 561M, 514M, 537M, 2580M, 1224M, 1725M, 736M, 1029M, 910M, 809M, 1578M, 734M, 539M, 635M, 1870M, 535M, 977M, 502M, 534M, 2006M, 2033M, 2019M, 507M, 702M, 909M, 702M, 1639M, 851M, 791M, 1155M, 588M, 717M, 1597M, 802M, 754M, 753M, 653M, 2142M, 1270M, 541M, 525M, 591M, 1187M, 2962M, 2589M, 670M, 609M, 724M, 867M, 1892M, 746M, 741M, 1395M, 1359M, 2856M, 3117M, 1052M, 510M, 1030M, 1152M, 807M, 609M, 775M, 804M, 2010M, 1183M, 1197M, 2650M, 539M, 1377M, 511M, 541M, 985M, 1358M, 630M, 2181M, 727M, 1576M, 557M, 3146M, 620M, 1260M, 588M, 629M, 580M, 916M, 892M, 625M, 709M, 982M, 1219M, 2450M, 804M, 1011M, 1863M, 2914M, 579M, 712M, 723M, 912M, 2062M, 622M, 736M, 1935M, 2088M, 970M, 1435M, 530M, 1235M, 2518M, 1126M, 693M, 630M, 2800M, 1108M, 700M, 833M, 1977M, 613M, 536M, 531M, 927M, 836M, 1650M, 1218M, 659M, 852M, 694M, 540M, 556M, 732M, 609M, 536M, 1141M, 530M, 1882M, 630M, 563M, 679M, 1326M, 649M, 504M, 993M, 635M, 538M, 593M, 784M, 1742M, 3305M, 733M, 737M, 541M, 741M, 737M, 874M, 603M, 687M, 988M, 800M, 614M, 539M, 546M, 1437M, 1649M, 584M, 975M, 644M, 643M.

Let's see the killer fleet sizes and lost ship costs. Both pies are ISK values. We can see that small gangs inflict huge damage to CFC:

Finally, let's see where they died and we can see that "we are attacking" isn't accurate, "we are pwned at home" is probably better description, especially without the attacking results of SOLAR:
434 - Highsec: 13%
453 - Foreign Null: 13%
220 - Lowsec: 7%
2270 - CFC space: 67%
537 - Fountain
330 - Deklein
315 - Venal
312 - Tribute
272 - ValeOfTheSilent
174 - Branch
116 - PureBlind
70 - Fade
61 - Syndicate
46 - CloudRing
28 - Tenal
9 - OuterRing
What can I say? Despite giving up 3 regions without a fight, CFC is still being hammered at home. We could also see its the disastrous effect on their defining activity: ratting.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

It must have been her period

You probably heard that I'm trying to clear the normal and heroic content of WoW without having a guild or fixed raiding groups, just with PuGs. It's going well, 6/7 normal and 5/7 HC bosses down on the second week.

Actually it goes too well. The original plan was from my girlfriend, who tested it in the earlier content with an alt healer shaman. She got a few mythic (old heroic) bosses down, when her guild had 8/14. So her pre-eliminary results were "pug raiding is possible, but definitely worse than guild raiding". Her guild was world #12K, which we considered "good". After all, that's about 150-250K players out of 7.5M, top 3-4%.

For the project she leveled a tank druid and I reactivated my old healer shaman and on the first week we killed 5 normal bosses in the first run and were happy. Then she logged to her "main" and went to raid with her guild, just to see them fail where our random group succeeded. This was surprising and unexpected. Since WoWprogress doesn't track normal kills, it wasn't obvious what is now, with the heroic kills: our pug isn't top 4% but top 1%, much better than her guild. Anyway, that's not the point today.

The point is that she was the only one who killed the boss (Butcher) in the raid. She was tanking and co-raid leading on the kill. We oneshotted him, while her guild wiped again and again. Yet the guys in her guild couldn't care less about her ideas and pressed the official strategy that is optimal, but tolerates no mistakes. Her impromptu Butcher strategy was much better for starter groups, hence the oneshot with a bunch of firstkilling puggers: only two groups, after melee get 3 stacks, the tanks move the boss to the stacked ranged and let him cleave them twice, then pull it back.

Anyway, after a bunch of wipes and they keep not caring for her ideas (despite she oneshotted Butcher and they wiped on him), she left the guild. The reaction is the epic title, which revealed that dismissing her had nothing to do with her idea, it was coming from the fact that she wasn't a man. No woman should tell the big and strong man what to do! Even if she succeeded where they were failing. No! Woman should stay in the kitchen!

It was surprising event for me. I guess this is what feminists often mention: "guys don't even notice sexism". After all - without the primitive comment - we could dismiss it as an argument between equals, followed by an incompetent decision of the raid leader (for neither teaching the members the right strategy, kicking failers, nor adopting a dumb-resistant strategy). But this way it was clear that her ideas weren't even considered, because they were coming from a woman. It's pretty sad.

However the a-social pug-raiding helps, since in a pug, everyone is an unknown person, no one knows that she's a woman, she is judged by her merit. Which is tanking a Heroic raid, oneshotting 4 bosses, two-shotting the fifth:

Her old guild? Still on 1/7 heroic. This deserves celebration:

PS: later, I did LFR (the lowest difficulty). It's a shame that this disgrace still can give me upgrades. What shows its pathetic level the best? Maybe the fact that tiger cages are closed? Or that Butcher cleaves can be ignored? Or that Bracken add can be just tanked till the end? Or maybe this discussion?

Or maybe that you can get 8 stacks of fire at Twins while standing in the whirlwind on purpose and live? Or that the melee spends most of Ko'ragh fight in a supression circle and no one cares? They are all pretty bad, but you can't beat this:
No, you don't have double vision. The happy crew gathered for Looking For Retards kept damaging the other shard after the first died, spawning 4 more motes. And then AoE-d them down, while standing in the red, with not a single man dying. That's the summary of LFR. Since 5-man heroics need some brains, LFR should be giving 615 and not 640.

PS2: epic idiot from Pandemic Legion. It seems even the most elite is riddled with braindead ones.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

PvP isn't challenging out of tournaments

In various games people define themselves as "PvP-ers". It's especially widespread in EVE. They then indulge themselves with statements like "I play for challenge" or "frigate PvP needs the most skill" and so on, endlessly. They are all liars, most of them lying to themselves.

Not because PvP can't be challenging or that EVE frigates are easy to fly optimally. But because most players are just hideously bad:

Please note that the scale is logarithmic on this 2013 activity report. It found that about 15% of the members did 85% of the PvP activity of these alliances. And they are PvP alliances while and most players are staying in highsec. It means that about 90% of the EVE players have little to none PvP activity. So if you engage in PvP with a random stranger, you have 90% chance to simply catch a completely incapable player. Killing him is no bigger challenge than ganking a miner. So even if you are a mediocre PvP-er, you can have over 10:1 kill:death, which looks amazing, until you look at the results of miner gankers.

The only way to do challenging PvP is fighting a worthy opponent, which can't be done in an environment where most people are unworthy. And even if you engage another PvP-er (someone with killboard similar to yours), it's likely that he is yet another mediocre guy who feasts on the same morons and slackers as you. So in EVE you can have a PvP-er career with nothing but ganking carebears and fighting with other gankers.

The only way to find challenging opponents is an organized tournament where the participants prove their skills by defeating other opponents. Only in direct competition can one prove that he is among the best.

The problem comes from the "natural" belief that being above average is good. The guy who finished 90% of his fights victorious is definitely above average. But in the current World with extreme power differences being in the top 10% group doesn't mean you are good, it just means you aren't a complete failure. The "PvP-er" who proves his above average status again and again by "finding fights" is proving something obvious and irrelevant.

Their situation is like saying "I'm rich because I can PLEX one account". This is factually true. For every PLEX buyer, there is a PLEX seller, so everyone who can afford a PLEX is in the richer half of the EVE population. But we are aware that earning 900M/month isn't particularly stellar, are we?

PS: Goons totally don't care about Mordus Angels. After all that NPC trash bunch does nothing. Goons only camped the MoA HQ with a whole capital fleet, because it's so much fun:
While the time Goons were having lot of fun staring at an NPC station and a bubble, poor MoA was left with the boring grind of an interceptor roam.

PS2: Hellman, the brave Marmite pilot, accompanied by only a tackler friend/alt engaged a Goon capital ship and won, bringing another glorious chapter to small gang PvP in EVE.

PS3: my crusade to complete WoW raid content without a guild is going on:

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